So, my name isn't Libby Lane.. in case you are wondering. My name is Nicolle.  But my sweet, southern grandmother is Libby and there is nothing better than naming my latest endeavor after her.  She always seems to be in a good mood, has the best outlook on life and is oh so very patient. These are all things I struggle with on a daily basis! So, in a world that gets crazy busy, inundated with errands, to-do lists, chores and just daily responsibilities,  I hope you stop by and visit me on Libby Lane. I cannot guarantee I  can always adopt the lifestyle of the 'real' Libby, but I am going to give it a whirl.

So, in true US Weekly form (how embarrassing that I am even admitting that I read this fabulous piece of literature) here are 25 things about me:

1. Not only do I read US Weekly, but I have a subscription. Don't stop reading-- I promise there is more to me than gossip magazines.
2. I twirl my hair and truly need an intervention.
3. I have a sister and a brother and definitely have first born syndrome.
4. I was a teacher and didn't become one for summers off.
5. I don't care for salad made at home.. It's just something about the lettuce.
6. I adore chocolate and could eat chocolate chips on pretty much anything.
7. Breakfast is my favorite meal.
8. My birthday is in June and I had both of my children in June.
9. I have naturally curly hair and would love to wake up with it naturally straight one day.
10. I ran my first 5k this year. It was the first New Years resolution that I have ever kept.
11. My best friend is the same one I have had since I was 11.
12. I would love to be a better cook.
13. I feel like a mother lion when it comes to my children..I would do anything to protect them.
14. I don't like change but unsuccessfully try to embrace it.
15. I love weddings.
16. We have a Christmas tree and a menorah in our house in December.
17. I lie in bed awake at night obsessing over details.
18. I love learning new things.
19. I tried acupuncture to turn my breech baby (fail).
20. I could look at blogs online for hours. And when I experience a 'blog crossover' between the blogs I visit, one would think the seas have parted.
21. I make many to-do lists, add too much to the list, and end up feeling overwhelmed about the list.
22. I like being organized. Organization takes me to a happy place.
23. My husband is my voice of reason and keeps me grounded.
24. When all is said and done, I want to be remembered for being devoted to those that matter most.
25. I am trying more to live in the moment because that's all you are really guaranteed.

So, there you go.. I hope this peek into my world shows you that I am just like any other wife, mother, lover of everything creative, trying to jump in with both feet to something new. Thanks for jumping with me.