Monday, November 14, 2011

What's YOUR font?

My name is Nicolle, Libby Lane Press designer, wife and mother, and self proclaimed font addict.  I could honestly look at fonts for hours on end. I love curly, swirly, swashes and swoops. The more the better. However, I love them paired with a nice upstanding not too thin, not too pudgy printed font as well. Yep, I am also particular.  I can look through the ads in the paper on Sundays and identify the fonts used by name. I was over the moon when I noticed that Pier One has been using the lovely Lady Rene, which I own and adore.  So, today I decided to share a few with you.  All of the fonts I have selected are FREE from by searching the name below, however please read the terms of use prior to to downloading.
So, all I want in return is for you to tell me about your favorite font.. you never know.. you may have one that this font addict has yet to swoon over.


  1. Hi absolute favorite is Scriptina Pro! I love a beautiful cursive!! Also, one of my other favorites is Before The Rain...definitely check them out! :)