Monday, August 8, 2011

Here and there and Everywhere...

So, I am having standard mush brain here on this lovely Monday and have several different things I want to blog about so in true Nicolle fashion I am going to jump from thought to thought {you are getting a sneak peek into my daily thought process-- scary}. I figure we are friends now so I can do this..

I owe you follow-up pictures of my lobster and penguin creations with Sophia. The penguin is busy right now (aka: not finished) but the lobster is adorably cute! Take a peek:
Sophia: 3 yrs/1mo

If you have yet to create your own, be sure to visit my Pinterest board with fun craft ideas with the kids. My next plan is to frame these and make a gallery somewhere in this house. I am not so sure when this will fit in the schedule but I know it would look fabulous! Stay tuned...

Next on the agenda: I am going to give you a sneak peak into sweet Andrew's 1st birthday from this weekend. I had the honor of designing Andrew's party goods for his Little Red Wagon party. His mom came to me with the red and aqua wagon theme and from there we worked together to create what I believe is the cutest preppy red wagon collection out there! From the whoopie pies, to striped straws to mini fruit cups, Andrew's Mama and Aunt didn't miss a beat. I can't wait to share the professional pictures from Ali Caudill Photography, but until then I will let you ooh and ahhh over the gorgeous cake that matched the invitation design perfectly. Can you believe this?!! Wait until you see the rest..
Pinwheel back of invitation
Look at the detail on the pinwheels! 

And finally, we have some exciting things going on around Libby Lane Press this week. Today I am working with Nancy at A-Zebra Celebrations for my very first give-away! Woo hoo! I am so excited to offer readers the chance to peruse Nancy's talented work and have the chance to win shop credit to Libby Lane Press. So, be sure to check back to A-Zebra Collections blog for rules to enter the give- away.
And-- I am having my first photo shoot on Sunday. I could not be more excited and have been collaborating with wonderful vendors that have made this new adventure even more creative and fun. So, this is one of the 'BEFORE' pics (and only a fraction of the things I have acquired) and fingers crossed the 'AFTER' looks a million times better!  So, there you have it, friends.. I think Libby Lane Press is starting to take off!

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