Monday, August 29, 2011

And you thought they were just noodles...

So, I was in line at the grocery store on Friday with both of my children and every person on the East Coast {ok, maybe an exaggeration}.  Despite the madness, my screaming son, and a long line of frantic, over-buying shoppers I was  lured to the Taste of Home Ultimate Halloween magazine.  Now it was the candied apples on the cover that first caught my eye, but then I was quickly captivated by the clever ideas, fun recipes, and helpful hints to throw a spooktacular soiree.  I plan to try a few of the recipes for my own Halloween festivities but in the meantime I had to share this cute little guy.  I feel like I see a bug-eyed monster on every other Halloween invitation so in the spirit of the times you can now create a cupcake to match using chow mien noodles. So when you have a little time and a few spare noodles, go ahead and check out the recipe and give this little spiky friend a whirl.
Photo Source: Taste of Home
And tomorrow, I plan to share my dog-gone fun pawty that I promised last week.. No bones about it!

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