Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Creative Closet Crush?

So, pretty much like the rest of the creative thinkers out there, I am obsessed with Pinterest.  I have talked about it before on my blog, shared 'pins' with my husband {and no, he is not on Pinterest but I force him to endure looking at my ideas ad nauseam} and look regularly for my daily dose of inspiration.  I view Pinterest as a form of digital intervention to my countless pieces of paper scattered around my desk with ideas, pictures, images of just about everything I would love to create, design or do.  I now even have customers sending me their Pinterest boards that they have created for their children's birthday parties- I LOVE this! Talk about being truly able to match an invitation to someone's vision. Perfection.

Well, my current Pinterest swooning involves organization and work spaces.  I am on a mission to organize my home work space which  has now become Libby Lane Press central headquarters.  My children can be found walking around with craft punches, ribbons dragging behind them and lollipop sticks  that they think are 'broken' since the lolli seems to be missing. Sad, I know.  So, I called on a good friend who also happens to dabble in the world of professional organizing and she helped me to get started.  We have emptied the storage closet outside of my office, purchased matching storage containers in various sizes, labeled them and stored the items in perfect little spots.  This is a work in progress, but it's a start.

Here is a little eye candy for you, thanks to Pinterest, of course.

Realistic and a pretty alternative to a room

I would love to hear how you create organization in your own home office/studio..

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