Monday, July 18, 2011

Get your craft on!


So, in my former life I was an elementary school teacher so I feel compelled to constantly be involving my children in fun activities that keep them busy and not turn their brains to mush. With that being said, I have been known to turn on Nick Jr and no, it's not teaching my daughter to "share and care" as they so nicely say in the disclaimer at the beginning of the show but my son has mastered the 'd' sound in "D-D-D-Dora"- thankyouverymuch.

Penguin Print
I was looking {jumping from pin to pin for an undisclosed amount of time}on my favorite site, Pinterest, and stumbled upon so many great crafty ideas for kids this summer.
 So, don't throw away your boxes, sponges or paper towel rolls because it's time to get your craft on! If you happen to create a masterpiece this summer, come back and share I would love to blog about it. I have my eyes set on the giraffe, penguin and lobster prints with hands and feet. Or... the the faux- Chia pet, with the fabulous hair! Hmm, such choices.
Lobster Print
DIY sponges for water party

Fly Fly Fly away..
Plant Pals

And Yes, my plant would most certainly wear a bow.. 

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