Monday, July 11, 2011

What will it bee?

So, Libby Lane Press just opened up shop around the beginning of June. One of my first designs was the Honeybee Gender Reveal Invite. I am in love with this shade of yellow, the pale harlequin diamonds and the vintage feel. Clearly, I was a fan but I am not the judge here, right? Well, after a little over a month of being in business I can say that others feel the same. This has been the best selling invitation I have created. I love when people buy it and then write back and share if it's a boy or a girl! I get so excited.. like I know them or something. Although in a way I feel like I do. This is what this whole online world does to you. After a few conversations, you feel like you are friends, but aren't you?

Since this party theme is quite popular these days I have to share this gorgeous gender reveal party that I saw on Layla Grace Backroom Blog : Waddle It Be?
What a crisp color scheme and how cute is the Waddle it be phrase linking back to the classic children's book.  Congrats to Kate Landers on her reveal party and the baby boy on the way.

So, IF {which I am not} were to have another baby the first item on the To-Do list would be a Gender Reveal Party to share with friends and family just "What it will bee"..

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