Monday, July 25, 2011

Pass the paper, Please...

So, I had the pleasure of going to the city of brotherly love  for the weekend and despite the scorching heat it was a fabulous, yet brief visit.  I lived in Philadelphia prior to my current residence and loved every bit of it. There is just something about walking out your door and always having something to do (and I don't mean going to Target). So, as I strolled down Walnut Street, where we used to call home, I stopped dead in my tracks. There it was... a paper & design lovers mecca: Paper Source.  Now, it's not like we don't have a Paper Source in Bethesda, but it's just the idea of having it right in front of me AND I was not pushing a stroller OR chasing an active toddler.  This called for a celebration!  I sent my husband to dine alone for lunch while I roamed the store like a kid in a candy shop.  I told the gentleman working there that I could barely contain my excitement.  He smiled cautiously and walked away, probably to alert security to focus their cameras on the girl skipping through the aisles touching everything. So, I filled my bag with many goodies--some inspirational for my own future creations and some for a little hands-on DIY crafting.  I can't wait to share with you what I make-- a new collection coming to Libby Lane Press.
That's for dog-gone sure! (hint, hint)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Real Parties: Pancakes & Pajamas for Ella

So, this is the little girl that started the craze for the Pancakes and Pajamas invitation! Ella's mom, Kellie, contacted me just as Libby Lane Press opened our doors at the beginning of June and said she needed a fun party theme for her daughter's 5th birthday. This had my wheels turning.  After doing a little research and blog-jumping I saw what I thought was the ideal theme for Ella. Who doesn't love breakfast OR wearing pj's to a party? Next, was the invitation design. I saw a few ideas out there but nothing really jumped out and then I was inspired by a pair of bunny slippers. Ella's only request was that we incorporate peace signs on her invitation, hence the peace sign pajama pants. We coordinated the invitation with the pink and brown color palette and wha-laa-- we did it! Ella loved her invitation, I loved the outcome and the pictures truly show that life is better in pajamas..

Thanks for sharing your party and Happy 5th Birthday Ella!

Make your own fruity necklace

Aprons doubled as party favors (with Libby Lane Press favor tags!)

face/hand painting
Make your own apron

Monday, July 18, 2011

Get your craft on!


So, in my former life I was an elementary school teacher so I feel compelled to constantly be involving my children in fun activities that keep them busy and not turn their brains to mush. With that being said, I have been known to turn on Nick Jr and no, it's not teaching my daughter to "share and care" as they so nicely say in the disclaimer at the beginning of the show but my son has mastered the 'd' sound in "D-D-D-Dora"- thankyouverymuch.

Penguin Print
I was looking {jumping from pin to pin for an undisclosed amount of time}on my favorite site, Pinterest, and stumbled upon so many great crafty ideas for kids this summer.
 So, don't throw away your boxes, sponges or paper towel rolls because it's time to get your craft on! If you happen to create a masterpiece this summer, come back and share I would love to blog about it. I have my eyes set on the giraffe, penguin and lobster prints with hands and feet. Or... the the faux- Chia pet, with the fabulous hair! Hmm, such choices.
Lobster Print
DIY sponges for water party

Fly Fly Fly away..
Plant Pals

And Yes, my plant would most certainly wear a bow.. 

Monday, July 11, 2011

What will it bee?

So, Libby Lane Press just opened up shop around the beginning of June. One of my first designs was the Honeybee Gender Reveal Invite. I am in love with this shade of yellow, the pale harlequin diamonds and the vintage feel. Clearly, I was a fan but I am not the judge here, right? Well, after a little over a month of being in business I can say that others feel the same. This has been the best selling invitation I have created. I love when people buy it and then write back and share if it's a boy or a girl! I get so excited.. like I know them or something. Although in a way I feel like I do. This is what this whole online world does to you. After a few conversations, you feel like you are friends, but aren't you?

Since this party theme is quite popular these days I have to share this gorgeous gender reveal party that I saw on Layla Grace Backroom Blog : Waddle It Be?
What a crisp color scheme and how cute is the Waddle it be phrase linking back to the classic children's book.  Congrats to Kate Landers on her reveal party and the baby boy on the way.

So, IF {which I am not} were to have another baby the first item on the To-Do list would be a Gender Reveal Party to share with friends and family just "What it will bee"..

Friday, July 1, 2011

Whew..I did it!

So, I made it through the first year being the mother of two. There were days when I wondered whether I could truly climb this mountain successfully {that being the key word!}. Cole is now 1 as of yesterday and we celebrated in style on Saturday, June 25, which was my 35th birthday. Or we can call it 29th, you choose. I think I have mentioned before that along with both of my children I, too,  have a birthday in June. What a month!

So, before I started Libby Lane Press I had been planning Cole's birthday party. I had my ideas, printed papers neatly organized into my 'Cole's Party' file, Pinterest board quickly filling with 'pins' and the to-do list in hand ready to go. And then I decided to embark on this graphic design journey and my own personal party planning seemed to take a back seat. So, my grandiose plan may not be as elaborate as I had initially dreamed but we had a wonderful day with family and friends celebrating the milestone birthday for my sweet boy, Cole Everett. Enjoy the pictures and know that true love is poured into each and every detail.. even if it was at 3am days leading up to this sea creature soiree.
Cole's invitation created by the fabulously sweet Maureen  of Anders Ruff (this was prior to Libby Lane Press and AR is such an inspiration!)

Fish Kabobs

Birthday Banner

Clam Cookies
A little taste of delicious dipped in sprinkles

A jellyfish, of course

Custom vinyl labels for the personalized pail favors


Details, details details

What kind of party doesn't include sand?

Happy Birthday Cole!
Coordinating Birthday Bib

Yard Signs